BLVD Collaborations

BLVD is always on the lookout for new promoters to share our dream with their followers and friends.

What we require for collabs/ promoters:

1. We require your instagram profile to have 30k + followers

2. We require an engagement rate of at least 5% (if you have 30k followers, your like count should be 1500+ etc)

3. We require your profile to be public so we can tag you in posts and vice versa 

Should this be you:

- please email

- with the subject 'BLVD GIRL'

- Tell us a bit about yourself + include your instagram handle and other relevant details

- & we will give you some more info on how we collab :)

Unfortunately we will only consider the girls that fit our set out criteria to make sure the partnership holds value for all partners :) 

Sending you love always! x