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A pre-order item is an item that BLVD will be selling in the future but we haven't got the stock in our warehouse just yet.

Our customers can reserve the pre-order item in advance by ordering it so that they can receive it once the stock has arrived at our HQ.

You can usually check the estimated arrival dates (ETA) on the product page. Please note that this is an estimate only and we can't guarantee that it will arrive exactly on that date. The ETA is subject to change if the stock delivery is delayed by our supplier.

If you order a pre-order item with other products in the same order, your entire order will only be sent out when it arrives at our HQ. If you want to avoid this, put through two separate orders.

If you’re looking to purchase an item for an event coming up, we would suggest that you order an item that is already in stock to avoid disappointment in case the delivery is delayed by our supplier.

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