9 Tips For The Perfect 'Me' Day

9 Tips For The Perfect 'Me' Day

We're Having a 'Me' Moment

By Courtney Tink


In a world filled with madness and choc-a-block schedules we often forget to celebrate an important event “me-time.” We tell ourselves we’re gonna do it. We fantasize about what we’d do if we had a whole, entire day all to ourselves…but we never do it. Something else just always seems to get in the way. It seems in 2019 we’re willing to prioritise everything but ourselves.


If you’re desperate for some me-time but are running a dash low on inspo then look no further! Here are 9 quick tips to the perfect “Me” day.


  1. Bubble away the troubles:

This isn’t some weird slang you missed out on; it’s a home spa day. Run yourself a lux bubble bath with bath bombs, oils and salts-you know, the works. Make yourself a cup of tea, pop on a sheet mask, and then all you have to do is sit back and relax. For a little something, something extra you can watch your favorite series from your laptop or read that book you’ve been promising yourself you’ll “get to.” Now doesn’t that feel relaxing?


  1. Drop it like it’s squat:

When you think of me-time the last thing that comes to mind is exercise, but hear me out: when you exercise, you feel good. While you’re moving, your body releases dopamine, your happy hormone, so you’re guaranteed to walk out better than you felt walking in. If you’re not a gym bunny then why not go for a walk or do some home pop yoga – switch on your fave bops and get downward-dogging.


  1. Really nailed it!

Is there anything better than walking into a nail salon with swamp women claws and walking out with perfectly polished fingertips? Is there? If you don’t have time for a full day of treating yourself then schedule in a handy little mani-pedi. Besides, autumn is on your doorstep so it’s a chance to try out a seasonal burgundy, olive or Egyptian blue. Yes please!


  1. Sleep on it:

The best way to look after yourself is to ensure that you get enough sleep at night and or day. Sleep heals, calms and rejuvenates in the best way. Yes, a nap is self-love. So skip the busy day and switch it for some much needed zzz’s.



  1. How’s your catwalk?

A fun (and budget friendly) activity is throwing a little fashion show for yourself. Dig out those outfits you’ve been dying to try out (or one’s you have forgotten about), hop on to Pintrest for some inspo and then strut your stuff. A weeks’ worth of new outfits awaits.


  1. Order up:

Experiment with that recipe you saved months ago but either forgot about, were too busy to try out or felt you “just didn’t have the skill” to complete. Gordon Ramsay isn’t breathing down your neck, there is no wrong move-go wild and then dig in!


  1. Netflix and…

Catch up on all your favorite shows you haven’t had the time to watch or try out something new and different, I hear Umbrella Academy is the bees knees. Add in a warm blanket and some butter popcorn and you have yourself a fantastic Saturday. Enjoy!


  1. Hobby up:

We all have something we love to do, wish we did or are dying to try out. Pick something fun, fresh and relaxing and then dedicate a day to it! If you’re keen to try something new, but have no idea what that new something is, check out this online list: https://hobbyhelp.com/inspiration/list-of-hobbies/ there’s something for everyone.


  1. Buy that outfit!

You know the one. The outfit or item of clothing you have been eyeing for months. You keep humming and aahing over it, always telling yourself ‘you don’t need it’ and yet you always return back to the same piece, again and again. Well you may not need it but treating yourself is about getting something you want-so shop away. We’re feeling animal print at the moment if you need an idea or two.


So there you have it. 9 quick tips all designed to give you a relaxing break from your daily schedule. Me-time is an important expression of self-love whether you dedicate a full day or only an hour or two to it. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and have a happy “Me” day today


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


This was a lovely read. I finally have Friday off this week and definitely going to use a few of these tips for my day off… Think I’ll put my phone off for an extra disconnect from all the hustle and bustle.

Ianthé January

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