7 Self-Care tips to Love YOU.

7 Self-Care tips to Love YOU.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we often forget to pay attention to someone super important. You know whom I’m talking about? Someone who’s always there for you, they’re great fun to have around and at times you’re a little harsh with them? That’s right, I’m talking about you! Self-care is so important. If you are kindhearted to yourself, then you’ll feel like a magical unicorn most days, but for those days when you need a helping hand, I’ve found some tips that are sure to assist.

 Here are 7 tips to get you started on your own self-care journey:

  1. You are an awesome, bees knees, super nova, babe!

I want you to say this to your reflection everyday.  That’s right! EVERYDAY! Why? Because when you talk about yourself positively, you’ll begin to think of yourself positively and it’s all up from there! Think of yourself as your own confidence cheerleader! Go team you!

  1. Then you let em go:

Not just catchy lyrics, these also double as a mantra. People who lower your confidence or make you question your attractiveness, intelligence, talent or loyalty, how do you deal with them? That’s right: you let them go. You are made up of the people around you, if you cannot trust them or if they dim your sunshine then they are toxic, and honey, the only Toxic we have space for in our lives is sung by Britney Spears.

  1. Think Happy Thoughts:

Self-love isn’t necessarily doing something new or crazy, sometimes it means sitting quietly and considering where you’re at. Sometimes it means that you go to your happy place and take stock of everything in your life. I like to play highlights and lowlights; you take your day and you name four highlights (positive things that happened to you) and three lowlights (negative things that happened to you). Not only does it give you an understanding of yourself, it also puts things into perspective. Psst! How do you know if it’s your happy place? It’s somewhere that you visit (physically or subconsciously) where you feel totally comfortable and at peace. How lovely!

  1. Be kind, rewind!

Sometimes we can be unkind to ourselves, we don’t mean to be, but on particularly bad days we can be not-so-Mr.-nice-guy. Here’s how to solve that problem and rewind all those harsh words before they spill over. Before you speak think: If I wouldn’t say it to my friend’s face, why would I say it to myself? If you begin to think something mean or nasty like: ‘I’ll never be able to achieve…’ or ‘he’ll never text me back because I’m…’ stop and consider this: would you say that to a friend’s face? Would you call them mean words and tear them down? No! So don’t do it to your best friend (yourself.) Being kind to yourself is the greatest act of self-love out there. 

  1. Treat yourself!

Spoil yourself with something you want, not something you need. Whether it’s a new outfit, a bubble bath or that piece of chocolate cake that’s been staring at you in the restaurant. Treating yourself within moderation is a fun self-care activity. Go on girl, you deserve it!

  1. Surprise yourself:

Be spontaneous! Google something fun and different to do in your area, try that class you’ve been dying to give a go, or hike that trail you promised you’d tackle a year ago. Do something vastly different and slightly out of your comfort zone. When you challenge yourself, and accomplish said challenge, the pride and adrenaline you feel is an awesome self-care gift, from me to me.

  1. Time traveller for a day:

A lack of self-care usually comes from anxiety, low self-confidence, a chaotic lifestyle or a misunderstanding of what self-love means. The easiest way to remedy this (plus it’s super fun) is to pretend that you have time travelled to this very day to live it to the best of your ability. This specific day is designed to be your best day ever…ever! If you can master this, not only will you feel a lot more zen and in control of your environment, but you’ll also notice the little things around you that’ll make you smile and most importantly you’ll appreciate yourself.

Unfortunately, there is no mysterious formula for self-care. It’s an ongoing journey that you will embark on for the rest of your life-isn’t that exciting? The only advice I can give you is to go easy on yourself. To praise your achievements, forgive your failures, comfort your heartaches and praise those around you that make life just a little bit more special each day. Self-care comes down to self-love and understanding, if you’re willing to give that a go-then honey, you’ll be unstoppable.


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