9 Handbag Must-Haves

9 Handbag Must-Haves


Knowing what to pack into your handbag can be a bit of a balancing act. Sometimes you realise that the one thing you need is the one thing you forgot to pack. Other times it feels like you packed up your entire dressing table, plus the kitchen sink. You also have to consider handbag sizes, functions, safety, events, and the list goes on! What we’ve done is created a quick checklist for your handbag. Tailor the list to your handbag needs. Maybe you have a clutch for the evening and need three items from the list? Maybe it’s your day-to-day bag and you need everything on the list? Either way, this little list of inspiration is here to help you build the ultimate handbag interior! 

Besides your phone, sunnies, wallet, and keys, your handbag may need:

  1. A little lippy:

Pop your favorite lipstick into your bag. I suggest a nude, only because most nudes go with any outfit, time of day or function.

We love:

-Essence Ultra Last Instant Lipstick (R46,95 from Dischem)

-Revolution Renaissance Lipstick (R94.95 from Clicks)

-Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster (R69.95 from Dischem)

  1. A tissue, a tissue:

Whether it’s to catch a sneeze, wipe something down or write a note, tissues are always handy to have. Pop to your nearest Clicks, PnP or Woolies to get a pack of travel facial tissues.

  1. Pen pineapple, apple pen:

A notebook isn’t as necessary to keep in your bag, it’s useful but can also be bulky. A handbag buddy that you’re bound to use is a pen. Besides, you never know when you may need to jot down something important or take down that cutie’s cell number.

  1. I need a hero!

While you won’t need a full first aid kit in your handbag, it’s clever to keep a few essential ‘save-the-day’ items close by. You’ll need:


-Headache tablets

-Safety pins


-A hairbrush

-Hand sanitizer

-A spare tampon or sanitary pad

Trust me, these goodies could really save the day! Psst, you can get all of these items in a smaller, travel size from Dischem or Clicks-they really save space!

  1. Minty fresh:

It’s always a good idea to keep some gum or mints in your handbag. Maybe you need them just before a romantic kiss, or maybe you need them because you ate a lot of garlic and you’re about to enter a public space. With mints, it’s better safe than sorry. 

  1. Blot it out:

Blotting paper can be a lifesaver! It helps avoid those oily moments. A longer lasting alternative is a pressed powder compact that you can use to cover up any unnecessary shine.

We love:

-Nyx Matte Blotting Paper (R109.95 at Clicks)

-Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder (R71.95 at Clicks)

-Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder (R59.95 at Dischem)

  1. Line it up, baby!

I always keep a dark brown eyeliner pencil in my handbag. Either I use to fix up a day look that I am wearing longer than expected or I use it to turn a lighter day look into a night look. FYI you can also use the pencil to fix your brows if they decide to get a bit rowdy during the day. 

We love:

-WBeauty Retractable Liner (R120.00 from Woolworths)

-Smashbox Always on Gel Eye Liner (R250.00 from Woolworths)

-Essence Kajal Pencil Behind the Scenes (R19.95 from Clicks)

  1. Hydration Nation:

Having makeup in your bag is always a plus, but let’s not forget about the two basics that keep you feeling fresh and keep your skin feeling hydrated, I’m talking about lip balm and hand lotion, a must for any handbag-especially during this Winter season. 

We love:

-WBeauty Unwind Mini Hand & Nail Cream (R25.00 from Woolworths)

-The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter (R70.00 from The Body Shop)

-Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Q10 Hand Cream (R30.99 from Clicks)

-The Body Shop Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care (R75.00 from The Body Shop)

  1. Mad Money!

My mom always told me to keep R50.00 in my handbag separately from my purse. Why R50? It’s enough to get you out of a sticky situation (a dash of petrol, a toll gate, a phone call) but not such a vast amount that if it gets stolen or goes missing-you’re out of cash in a big way. It’s your mad money, to get you out of madness if need be. I always tuck my R50 away in the inside zip of my bag.

These are nine fab must-haves for any handbag, the bag necessities of life. Here are some of the handbag must have’s that some of the wonderful women at BLVD can’t do without: 

Tayla: [CEO] 


 “I Have TWO MUST-HAVES – one being my perfect Paw Paw Ointment that I use as lip balm, and two being my nail glue. I am obsessed with the KISS or ELEGANT TOUCH false nails, and sometimes my busyness can pop one off (haha). Keeping my glue in my handbag ensures I always look presentable.

Tiyana: [Fashion & PR Co-Ordinator]

 “I always carry lip balm and a nude lipstick in my handbag. My favourites at the moment are the Olivia olive oil Lip Balm - it works like a dream and keeps your lips moisturized for the whole day! My go-to nude lippy is the shade F6 ‘sugared maples’ by Clinique. It has a slight tint to it leaving your lips looking pink and healthy!”

Zelda: [Warehouse Director]

“I always have perfume and a pen. Perfume touch-ups throughout my day keep me feeling fresh and who knows when I’ll need to scribble something down or sign off something. Both are my I-don’t-leave- the-house-withouts.”


What is your handbag must have?


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