5 Beauty Hacks

5 Beauty Hacks


We’ve seen the Instagram videos, the magazine articles and the YouTube How-to’s, we’re talking about Beauty Hacks. For the most part we find ourselves bookmarking or saving each video, promising ourselves that we’ll use it “someday.” Well that day is today! I went through the many videos and tried them out (so you don’t have to.) Some were great, some were bad and others were just strange.

Here are some of the beauty tips that I found worked best, give them a go and tell me what you think:

 1.Smile for the camera!

Having a bright, white, Colgate smile is a major confidence boost. If your trusty old toothbrush and toothpaste aren’t doing the trick, then you could always try charcoal. We’ve all seen the celeb-endorsed videos where they brush their teeth on camera with a black powdery substance-well all it is, is activated charcoal. You can buy it from your nearest Dischem or Clicks. Take a capsule or tablet and open it or crush it up onto a plate. Grab your toothbrush, add some water and dip it into the charcoal. Now it’s time to give your teeth a thorough brushing (5-10 min.) Do this every two days for two weeks and your teeth will be pearly white.

  1. Dotted and under-eye-lined:

Has your eyeliner nib (the pointy part of your liquid eyeliner) given up on you? Your cat-eyes have turned into raccoon eyes, but when you test it on your hand you can see that your pen still has a lot of juice in it. Well here’s a hack to give that liner a second lease on life. Grab a pair of tweezers and pull out your eyeliner’s nib completely. If you look on the other side of it, there’s an identical nib ready to be used. Switch the nib around and place it back into the eyeliner pen with your tweezers. Viola, brand new eyeliner without spending a cent. 

  1. Lock, Stocked and ready to go:

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest winter fears is wearing stockings or tights and finding a hole in them when I’m out and about. After scouring the Internet and interrogating my friends, I finally found a solution: clear nail varnish. As soon as you spot the hole, paint over it with clear nail varnish-it stops the run from growing and stops the possibility of an unwanted punk rock look. Keep a little bottle of clear nail varnish in your purse so that you can stop any snags while you’re out. Just be sure to triple check the label or you’ll end up like I did-with sparkly nail varnish all over your stockings.

  1. Bake, Bake and Bake again:

Not just a kitchen technique, baking can also be your best friend when applying make-up. Baking gives you a polished, matte look that will stay in place for hours and hours. How to do it? After you apply your foundation take your tub of loose translucent powder and a blending sponge. Make sure you have no lines or creases visible, because much like a cake, once it goes into the oven, there’s not much you can change. Take your sponge and lightly pack on translucent powder under your eyes, around your nose, on your forehead and chin, now wait 5-10 minutes for it to set (continue with the rest of your make-up) and dust the remaining powder off with a powder brush. Boom, now you’re selfie ready! Here is a link to DIY with arrowroot powder, cornstarch and cacao powder: https://littlegreendot.com/translucent-face-powder-diy-recipe/ 

  1. Time to face the music:

Facemasks. They’re fun, funky and fabulous! So why not learn how to make your own at home? This article gives you some fun DIY ideas: https://www.elle.com/uk/beauty/skin/articles/a38190/homemade-diy-face-mask-recipes/ my personal favorite is the mask that uses 1 tablespoon of natual, plain yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of tumeric powder. Mix em’ all together and you have one sweet facemask…literally. Leave it on until it hardens, wash it off and then admire your fresh glow.


So these are the top five beauty hacks I found the most efficient and effective. It always feels good to pamper yourself or to be prepared when a stocking tears. The best part is that all of these tips are budget friendly and make sure that you look good 24/7/365. What more can you ask for?


Do you have any cool tried and tested tips that you’d like to share with us? Drop a comment below and help a sister out.

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